Ontario Remembrance Day

Extreme Group Remembers to say Thank You

Extreme Group was honoured to be selected to create a multi-media campaign inviting people across Ontario to attend their local Remembrance Day ceremony.

The TV spot features past archival footage and photos from a variety of conflicts Canadian service men and women were involved in. The images are woven together with an emotionally inspired poem read by a child along with an original music score. The campaign asks the viewer to reflect on the “millions of moments”, past and present, that encompass the service experience of the many that we honour every November 11th.

Extreme Group also developed digital and print for the campaign including adapting the print in 14 different languages to reach all of the province’s vital communities with this important message.

Extreme Group couldn’t be more proud to have been able to show their appreciation for our veterans and their families with this special campaign.


Mike’s Hard Lemonade

Getting guys to make a less "typical" choice

In the cooler category, Mike’s Hard Lemonade is a little different. It targets men. And this means getting men to reach for something other than the same old beer they always do. Hardly a small challenge, requiring a hardly typical solution.

We needed to give guys further confidence to go with a beverage brand choice that wasn’t the usual. To do this we needed to turn things, quite literally, on their head. This meant everything from running billboards upside-down (wha???) to breaking stereotypes from the movies and pop-culture guys love. A zombie that only wants to hang out? Aliens uninterested in probing humans? We challenged convention everywhere to encourage drinkers to think about trying something a little less typical the next time they went to enjoy a drink with the guys.



CAA is making bad days good and good days better

Everybody knows CAA for dependable Roadside Assistance. After all, they’ve been a helping hand for many Canadians when trouble happens on the road. So it was natural for CAA South Central Ontario (CAA SCO) to build on this trust and dependability throughout all their lines of business.

Along with Roadside Assistance, CAA offers many other services you may not know about, including Insurance (auto, home, travel medical and more), Travel (vacation packages, tours and cruises), and an extensive Member Rewards program. So we needed to let people know that they can depend on CAA on days that aren’t all that bad either. On the good days; when planning a vacation or looking to save on something new from one of over 160,000 retail partners.

Extreme’s rebrand unites all the lines of business under one fresh new umbrella. The work captures real human moments, both the lows and highs; from discovering a wet basement to enjoying dusk on a sailboat. And it all culminates with the new brand logo and tagline: CAA - Making bad days good. And good days better™.



Flavour that Holds on Like Hell

Challenged by Kraft to get Ontario men to proclaim BULL’S-EYE BBQ Sauce as their go-to sauce, we had to come up with a plan that would grab our target’s attention and get them to consider the sauce as a necessary part of the BBQ ritual. We created a guiding vision and tone for everything we brought forward, and we made sure it reflected the main point of difference for the sauce. “Flavour That Holds On Like Hell” was big, bold and manly and it was true of the sauce. It also applied to the target – backyard BBQ enthusiasts and stubborn stewards of flavour.

The platform first came to life in social media where we developed a community of brand advocates. The BULL’S-EYE BBQ Sauce Canada Facebook page was immediately received by the BBQ community as we added fuel to the conversation with our rugged food photography, recipes, tips & tricks, and mouth-watering videos to get guys excited about all things BBQ.

We then developed a hard-to-miss summer sampling experience to personify the boldness of the brand. The first ever customized 2.5 ton Bulldozer-B-Q was born. To kick off our summer activity, we generated quality PR buzz by rolling out the Bulldozer-B-Q to targeted media outlets. This was followed by a Bulldozer-B-Q tour to key Ontario events where our guys could be found. In turn, they spotted our unique BBQ as a delicious and meaty oasis (whether at a music festival or race weekend) in amongst the typical food vendors. The whole experience was then brought back to the Facebook community with photos, comments and more. This helped drive our community to our Bulldozer-B-Q as well as event goers to our community. Every interaction with the brand was unique, memorable and as bold as BULL’S-EYE BBQ Sauce itself.


James Ready

James Ready package design shuns safe work with NSFW interactive caps

Even in the no-holds-barred budget beer category, James Ready 5.5 drinkers are a unique breed. We knew that if there were a way to combine the raw energy of Howard Stern with the adrenaline of UFC they’d be all over it. So we created an absolutely, undeniably not-safe-for-work experience hidden under every JR bottle cap. Last summer, James Ready drinkers looked under bottle caps expecting to find a funny word or two, instead they found local phone numbers and an invitation: “For a Good Time Call…” On the other end of the line they were greeted by the sexy, friendly operators of the James Ready for a Good Time chat line. Fans dialed their fingers raw. To the tune of over 53,000 calls in less than 4 months. A little curious? Have a listen for yourself. Headphones highly recommended.

James Ready 5.5 Limited Time Offer $1 Off Radio

We also developed some radio commercials to get our guys to remember James Ready 5.5 on their next trip to the Beer Store. And to remember that they can save a buck off when they buy a case. Pretty good deal, and pretty easy to remember, if we say it enough, right? And in a way they’ll remember.


Nova Scotia Tourism

Nova Scotia Kicks Off New Marketing Campaign

The province is pitching Nova Scotia as the "perfect road trip" in an aggressive marketing campaign to increase first-time visitors and boost overall tourism.

"The province's new tourism direction and marketing campaign will allow us to compete as a top travel destination," said Economic and Rural Development and Tourism Minister Percy Paris. "We want to give Nova Scotians a chance to preview our new campaign, which will inspire more first-time visitors to come to Nova Scotia, travel more of the province, and explore everything we have to offer."

The new campaign, Take Yourself There, uses extensive consumer research to create an emotional connection with first-time visitors. It portrays Nova Scotia as a place where diverse, vibrant landscape and culture, combines with friendly and engaging locals, and accessible seacoast and communities to create the spirit of a perfect road trip.

First-time visitors, who spend 42 per cent more and travel further throughout the province, make up 19 per cent of Nova Scotia's 2 million annual visitors. The number of first-timers has been declining, which the campaign aims to change.

"We will focus our advertising investment in the areas where we have the highest potential to attract first-time visitors," said Patrick Sullivan, CEO of the Nova Scotia Tourism Agency. "If we get them here once, our research shows that they come back again and again.
"It's up to every Nova Scotian to contribute to the unforgettable experiences that turn first-time visitors into repeat visitors, and compel them to share their positive experience with family and friends."

The new campaign, which includes television, newspaper, billboard and online advertising, will run in Ontario and, for the first time in three years, in Quebec in English and French. The province is also marketing in the mid-Atlantic and New England areas in the United States, and overseas in the United Kingdom and Germany, in partnership with the Atlantic Canada Tourism Partnership, the Canadian Tourism Commission and others.

"We're excited about where this new campaign can take us," said Donna Hatt, marketing and development manager at White Point Beach Resort. "We believe that visitors' journeys are just beginning when they arrive in Nova Scotia, and that adventure will unfold around every corner. This campaign will provide a great platform for industry to communicate that message and can help to get visitors moving through all regions of the province."

The province will also expand its online presence with a multi-year digital marketing plan. Highlights include a refresh for this year with a completely rebuilt site for 2014. The plan will build on successful social media engagement through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest. Beginning March 18, visitors will also be able to download a new tourism app from iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry devices.

The 2013 Doers' and Dreamers' guide is available now, in English and French. For the first time, the travel guide was printed on high-quality Nova Scotia stock from Port Hawkesbury Paper and will also be available digitally for download to mobile devices, beginning March 18.

Nova Scotia's tourism industry is an important contributor to the economy, directly employing more than 24,000 people and generating annual revenues of $2 billion. Nova Scotia spends about $5 million on its advertising campaign to market Nova Scotia in key areas.



Putting quality food at the forefront for an irreverent brand.

Quiznos high quality product offering in the fast food category was unique. But while ingredients were premium, the marketing budget was not. So the challenge was obvious: breakthrough the category that focused price. We started with the simple product fact – that Quiznos was a step up from the other $5 gut-fill.

Targeting young males who didn’t have tons of disposable income, we wanted to focus on the unique point of difference for Quiznos: The food. Quiznos toasted premium subs were second to none in the category.

Fuelled by our target’s insatiable appetite for tasty food at a good price, we created a flexible creative platform for Quiznos to plug in any and all offers, partnerships, sponsorships and more. Honey Garlic Turkey sub, check. Greek menu, check. NFL Sponsorship, check. In-store menu boards and POS, check. Facebook contest, check. Franchisee communications, check.

This 360 Integrated platform kept Quiznos food and irreverent tone at the core of all communications, including TV, radio, digital, social media, direct mail, in-store and more. The platform was able to accommodate any and all ad hoc marketing activities for the brand.


Workers' Compensation Board

What Matters Most

What matters most about workplace safety isn't at work at all.

That's the message in a new campaign Extreme Group developed in partnership with the Nova Scotia Department of Labour and Advanced Education and the Workers' Compensation Board of Nova Scotia.

Kicking off the campaign is a 60-second television ad, depicting Nova Scotians returning home at the end of their workday.

"Each one of us matters to someone else, whether it's a parent, sibling, child, neighbour, teammate or member of a community organization," said WCB CEO Stuart MacLean, in the news release about the ad.
"We work safely so we can enjoy everything that waits for us at home and in our communities."

The concept behind the campaign originated several years ago at WorkSafe Victoria in Australia. Under license, the WCB and Nova Scotia Labour and Advanced Education worked together with Extreme Group to create a powerful Nova Scotian version of the same story.

By increasing awareness and supporting cultural change when it comes to workplace safety, the campaign will contribute to the goal of making Nova Scotia the safest place to work in Canada.



BioBest 100 Days

Yogourt has grown into a dynamic category over the past 10 years with literally a hundred new innovations being introduced in 2011 alone. Our challenge was to break through the clutter of this highly competitive category to keep BioBest on the minds and in the shopping carts of predominantly female yogourt buyers.

A program was needed to motivate our target to choose BioBest yogourt more often or switch from their other pro-biotic yogourt. We made the harder working yogourt work even harder by developing a 100 day promotion with the goal of reaching and rewarding as many people as possible. For 100 days 1 daily grand prize winner was rewarded with a $100 gift card to spend on their wellness, and another gift card to share with a friend. 99 people were also rewarded with free BioBest yogourt prizes every day.

The program ran full circle, with PIN codes on pack in order to drive in-store to online, and back again. The buzz generated on Facebook tapped in to social networks, and drove the digital community to really get involved with outstanding results. Now that’s one hard working program for one hard working yogourt.


Moosehead Breweries

Alpine Man Space

Most men, especially Alpine drinkers, enjoy spending time in a space they have created for themselves to get away from the household responsibilities and spend time with guy friends. A place to kick back, relax and feel at home – The Man Space. To celebrate this space and further strengthen the connection between our authentic New Brunswick guy and Alpine Beer, we created the Manspace contest. Our Alpine guy was given the chance to upload a picture or video of their favourite man space, with everyone participating receiving a limited edition Alpine Certified Man Space coat of arms. Weekly winners also received cool prizes that they could fill their Man Spaces with, like flat screen TV’s and Alpine reclining chairs. The grand prize was having your man space on a billboard in New Brunswick. Along with the digital and social media components, the campaign was also supported by television and radio. The results - over 1,000 New Brunswick guys uploaded photos of their manspaces to the Alpine context website, further strengthening brand loyalty.

Alpine Lager “Feels Like Home”

For years, Alpine Lager has been the social fabric of New Brunswick. It's a real beer for real people who enjoy their lifestyle in a place they call home. These TV spots are an honest celebration of what it means to live life in New Brunswick and enjoy everything it has to offer.


Downtown Halifax

Big Day Downtown

Downtown Halifax needed a more effective way to present news and events for the downtown area. Their old site just wasn’t doing the job anymore so a total rebuild was in order. This new site is easily updated by the client to keep current and puts all the info visitors need right at their fingertips.


Canadian Red Cross

Volunteer Market

The Volunteer Market is aimed at raising funds for The Canadian Red Cross, by encouraging people to offer donations in exchange for volunteer services - anyone can be a donor and anyone can be a volunteer. The bottom line is, everyone can contribute. Within a company, employees can post jobs they’d like done (e.g. desk cleaned up, coffee picked up…) and how much they will donate to the Red Cross if it’s completed. Any other employee can agree to complete the task and earn credit for the donation. Volunteers can also proactively post jobs they are willing to do for a certain donation. All offers or donation requests can be kept private to that company, however, people can also make their donation or request open to the public. It’s all about doing what you can and supporting a good cause. In the true spirit of volunteerism, we asked local artists in Halifax to donate their time and design workplace posters to promote the campaign.

Make sure to check out the website: and show your support for the Red Cross.


Sony Style

Wonder Campaign

How do you capture that moment you feel when you're standing smack in the middle of a bunch of stuff you really want? Well, that's exactly what the new "Experience the Wonder" campaign set out to do. Designed to demonstrate the feeling you get from experiencing everything the Sony Style Store has to offer, it reminds us all of that "kid in a candy store" feeling. It connects our strong, emotional relationship to the Sony brand with the in-store experience.


Caribbean Farms

Pure Black Sunshine

A very cool new way to buy coffee: Pure Black Sunshine brings you deep into the shadows of the underworld, straight into the middle of a business deal with a difference. An innovative storyline allows visitors to take part in an online shopping experience styled after a drug deal. Working with Lollipop in Toronto, a story was created that unfolds through a series of video clips, allowing the user to make choices at certain points and move through the experience. Doing so gives you a first-hand look at the various roasts and beans that are available for purchase. To make it even more interesting, there are a number of things hidden throughout the site. For example, try seeing what happens when you take too long to make a decision.


Workers’ Compensation Board of Nova Scotia

Bucket, Ladder

This campaign is about inspiring people to take action in their workplace. The concept revolves around workplace safety hazards that are, quite simply, being ignored. They are each in their own way appealing for somebody to do something about the situation presented. By imparting these inanimate objects with these very human traits, we’ve been able to present a very straightforward, direct message in a very emotional way.


Grand & Toy


The brand recently went through a corporate renaissance to concentrate all efforts on better servicing the business community. We created a unique and fully integrated platform to show Canadians the many ways Grand & Toy understands and can help your business. Whether you’re big or small or just starting out, the new Grand and Toy gets what it means to be a successful business in Canada. We also ensured that the work wasn’t just 100% unique to the Grand & Toy brand but that it could also carry on for more than one campaign. So far, it’s been online, out of home, in newspapers, magazines, DM, experiential, TV, and mailboxes across Canada.

New Business Centre Launch

When the brand decided to convert retail stores into more customer-service-focused Business Centres, we were there to help send out the message in a big way.

The web is literally the hub of the business, where thousands of companies across Canada come to order their supplies and research the variety of office solutions available. So we didn’t just re-skin the design we also improved the user experience with better navigation and relevant content on every page. Now with our new look, there’s a seamless connection at every touch point.

Grand & Toy Airport Lounge

We helped create an experiential moment inside the airport so that travellers could have a state-of-the-art place to work and lounge while they are waiting to board their flight. We had staff and all the amenities (wifi, printers and power) so that they could still be just as productive as when they are at their office.



Great Reasons to Smoke

Smoking rates in Nova Scotia were among the highest in Canada – a call for action was required. Young Nova Scotians did not consider smoking an issue and the current messages were not increasing awareness of the dangers of smoking. Smoking cessation was a tired issue – stale health messages preaching the negative effects of smoking.


Stepping Stone

Sex Workers are People too

That’s the message that residents throughout the Halifax Regional Municipality will start hearing today from Stepping Stone, a user-directed, non-profit organization supporting sex workers for more than 20 years. This is the first time the organization has launched a public awareness campaign.


Cadillac Fairview

Fairview Mall

Fairview Mall wanted to attract women who are not just following fashion, but creating their own unique, signature style. We were tasked to showcase the mall’s range of trendy and contemporary retailers, to demonstrate they had the right mix of ‘in’ brands and fast fashion.

In recent years, there’s been the rise of a new fashion influencer – the style blog. Here, the leading bloggers capture not posed models, but real, fashion-forward people owning their style. This is the inspiration that led to the ‘Own it.’ campaign. Shot guerilla-style on the streets of Toronto, the ads feature real women, and celebrate their spirit of individuality.

Shops at Don Mills

Shops at Don Mills is a new outdoor shopping destination in an affluent neighbourhood of Toronto. It houses high fashion and gourmet food all in a unique outdoor setting - a first in the city. But Toronto shoppers are creatures of habit, and even though the target lives nearby, they’ll require some convincing to get them to change their usual route and shopping area of choice. We needed to show that we were worthy of a visit and we could use some help corroborating that high fashion and luxury brands live here.

CAA South Central Ontario is Delivering the Perfect Pick-Me-Up

CAA Tiny trucks

“CAA has always been synonymous with giving Ontarians a lift when they need it most. But we wanted to remind everyone in a fun way that we are here for them every day”, said Alexi Mann Director, Marketing Shared Services.

Launching June 7th at the Rogers Centre, CAA’s newest pedal-powered eco cab fleet will prove small can be just as mighty. The new “Tiny Trucks” will offer sun-soaked, weary pedestrians free rides to and from a number of festivals and sporting events throughout the summer. Whether it’s at the Toronto Blue Jays game, the Honda Indy, Rib Fest, NXNE, and a host of other events, CAA will be there. The schedule is posted here

In keeping with the spirit of the CAA Member experience, the free ride is only the beginning. Each Tiny Truck passenger will be given a complimentary backpack at journeys end and be offered a chance to win 1-of-2 CAA travel vouchers worth $1,500. Just one more way CAA is delivering on its promise of Making bad days good. And good days better.™

“Being part of everyday life like this, helps shift perceptions of the brand that people used to only call on in an emergency.” Says Phil Sylver, Creative Director of CAA’s agency, Extreme Group. “The idea is to start getting Ontarians to think about using CAA, not just when there’s trouble. We’re also here for the ‘good days’ with rewards, travel and insurance.”

The fleet, which is being called Canada’s largest corporate fleet of tiny tow trucks, will be on the road in Southern Ontario until Labour Day weekend.

An AXEciting new client for Extreme Group


Extreme is AXEcited to announce its newest client and this year’s recipient of the Extreme Tourism Fund, Lumberjack AXEperience of Barrington.

“I want to do more than bring our image out of the woodwork. I want to show people what it feels like to be a lumberjack, how we got this far and why we are here to stay,” said Darren Hudson, a 5th generation lumberjack and owner of Lumberjack AXEperience and Wild Axe Productions. “This funding is an awesome opportunity for my business right now. It will give us the tools to enhance our marketing presence and I’m stoked to give it an Extreme makeover.”

Hudson’s love for the woods around the Barrington River have not only helped him become a World Champion logroller, but a business owner who wants to introduce visitors to a uniquely Nova Scotian Experience. Hudson sees the AXEperience as a way for guests to not only experience authentic lumberjack culture, but as a way to unplug from the digital world in a beautiful, natural setting. Guests from 10 to 96 get a chance to put away their gadgets and learn traditional lumberjack skills, from logrolling to tree climbing to axe throwing.

“Part of what we’re looking for in the winning entry is a unique offering within the province - something a little less expected,” said Shawn King, President, Chief Creative Officer, Extreme Group. “When reading through all the entries this one stood out. It was something I didn’t even realize you could do here and I’d have to imagine others would be excited to discover.”

The fund was created when Extreme Group became the Agency of Record for Nova Scotia Tourism in 2012 as part of a commitment to supporting the tourism industry in the Province. This is the third year a Tourism operator has been awarded $36,000 worth of services from Extreme Group, which includes strategic planning, communications planning, branding, advertising, and design. Previous winners include Nova Scotia Webcams and Sugar Moon Farm.

2015 Bessies gets some Extreme judging

Shawn King

Chief Creative Officer and President, Shawn King, will be joining the jury for the 2015 Bessies. The Bessies have been celebrating the best in Canadian television advertising for over 50 years and Shawn’s thrilled to be helping choose the best of the past year out of what will undoubtedly be an incredible body of work.

Extreme Bringing in International Talent

Agathe de Saint-Denis

Agathe de Saint-Denis Joins Extreme Group as Senior Strategic Planner

Extreme Group is excited to welcome Agathe de Saint-Denis, the newest member of our team. A native of France, Agathe joins as Senior Strategic Planner, bringing experience from her work on clients including P&G, Pepsi, Metro, and Coke.

“We think coming from Europe via Montreal and having such a diverse background, she’ll bring a set of fresh eyes to our clients,” says Martin Delaney, Partner, VP Planning. “Agathe’s passion for insights and strategy will help drive us forward with inspiration about how people connect and engage with brands.”

Adding to her experience as a strategic planner with agencies such as Publicis, TAXI, and Ogilvy Action, Agathe has six years of experience as a journalist, a combination she believes gives her a unique perspective.

“I’m looking forward to working with Martin and adding an extra brain to the planning team,” said Saint-Denis. “When I started looking for my next challenge, I wanted to find an agency that truly values planning as part of the process and Extreme certainly shares my belief that great creative is rooted in strong consumer insights.”

Having already found a French bakery near the office, Agathe is looking forward to her next adventure with Extreme Group.

Remembering the day we got to work with Joan

Joan Rivers

There’s really something magical about working in this business. On a good day, you get to experience stuff that you probably wouldn’t get to do in any other profession. In the summer of 2010, we walked into a recording studio to make a radio campaign with the legendary Joan Rivers. Little surprise here, but it wasn’t like most sessions. I was both nervous and excited. Excited to meet a celebrity, but more nervous, to be honest.

My fear was that unknown factor of dealing with celebrity talent – they can sometimes call the shots and it may be awkward asking for changes, or heck, just making eye contact. With Joan, it wasn’t like that at all. This broad rolled up her sleeves and reminded us why she’s been referred to as “the hardest working woman in show biz”.

Sure we were all like a bunch of giddy teenagers at a One Direction concert, but we also didn’t know what to expect in terms of Joan’s willingness to engage with us. We tried really hard to write scripts in her comedic wheelhouse and we hoped, that she would embrace the ads and add her shtick.

She definitely brought her A–game, with more edge and sass than most 20 year olds today. We immediately felt comfortable and knew she was the right call.

Joan Rivers actually read a line that we had on paper for her and said “oh, that’s funny.” I think we actually levitated off the studio floor. (The writer may have even shed a tear over it.) Of course she made them way funnier, but the compliment was totally unexpected. She was a true professional and an absolute joy to work with.

That day was an advertising gift - we got more than just a great campaign out of it, we got a story to take with us to our grand-kids. We actually got to meet the first female comedian to appear on Johnny Carson.

Rest in Peace Joan. It was an honour to work and laugh with you.

- Phil Sylver

Why Extreme Group can’t wait to watch The Amazing Race Canada!

Jen and Shawn King

Here at Extreme Group, when we say we believe Anything is Possible, we mean it. That’s why when Season 2 of The Amazing Race Canada kicks off on CTV on July 8, our President and Chief Creative Officer, Shawn King and wife/teammate Jen King will be at the starting line to prove just that.

As long-time fans of the show, Shawn and Jen thought “why not us, why not now”, and they auditioned to be a part of Canada’s highest rated show. That same approach and attitude that landed Jen and Shawn a spot on the show, is the same one that inspires us and our clients each and every day.

Extreme Group will be proudly watching and cheering them on as they head out to face the kinds of challenges only the Amazing Race Canada can deliver.

Congratulations to you both! Anything really is possible.

Mic Mac Mall Partners with Extreme Group

Mic Mac Mall

March 25, 2014 – Mic Mac Mall decided to shop local for the next evolution of their brand. The largest mall in Atlantic Canada has chosen Extreme Group to be their new agency.

“Mic Mac Mall is thrilled to begin working with Extreme Group,” said Rebecca Logan, Marketing Director, Mic Mac Mall. “We hope this newly formed partnership will identify new ways to communicate our unique attributes and retail mix to our engaged customers. Mic Mac Mall has a significant story to tell, and with the help of Extreme, we plan on bringing it to life.”

Mic Mac Mall had previously been with an out of market agency for six years. They made the decision to look for a new agency for the mall’s new brand positioning and campaigns. This decision led them to look towards the creative talent in Atlantic Canada who understand the importance of their brand.

“Mic Mac Mall is a strong brand in Nova Scotia and we’re proud to work with them and make them even stronger,” said Shawn King, President, Chief Creative Officer, Extreme Group. “They put a strong emphasis on strategic creative and we’re excited to bring that to this partnership.”

As the new agency for the mall, Extreme Group will develop the new look and feel of the Mic Mac Mall brand which will be introduced later this year.

Sugar Moon Farm Winner of 2nd Annual Extreme Tourism Fund

Sugar Moon Farm

March 3, 2014 – Extreme is excited to announce its newest client and this year’s recipient of the Extreme Tourism Fund, Sugar Moon Farm.

“We are incredibly grateful to have this opportunity to work with Extreme Group,” said Quita Gray, co-owner of Sugar Moon Farm. “Rural tourism in Nova Scotia offers amazing experiences – unique and fascinating places that aren’t found elsewhere in the world. We need to show off places like ours.”

Nestled in the Cobequid Hills of Northern Nova Scotia, Sugar Moon Farm is considered to be a must-see destination in the province and an important part of the local economy through payroll, sourcing local food and attracting visitors to the Northumberland Shore. Guests from around the world come to experience an authentic, hand-crafted maple sugar camp, to taste delicious maple-inspired cuisine, to purchase exceptional maple products and to hike the scenic wilderness trails surrounding the farm. But promoting rural tourism year round is a challenge for a small business – which is why Sugar Moon Farm applied for the Extreme Tourism Fund.

“We had a lot of great applications to choose from and we look forward to working with Sugar Moon Farm in 2014,” said Shawn King, President, Chief Creative Officer, Extreme Group. “They’ve invested their hearts and souls in this business and we hope our support will help give them a boost.”

The fund was created when Extreme Group became the Agency of Record for Nova Scotia Tourism in 2012. Extreme Group understands the value of tourism for the province and they want to support the industry. This is the second year the fund has been given to a Tourism operator. The winning operator receives $36,000 worth of services from Extreme Group, which includes strategic planning, communications planning, branding, advertising, and design. Last year’s recipient of the Extreme Tourism Fund was Nova Scotia Webcams, who received help with rebranding and a soon-to-be-launched new website.

Learn more about the Extreme Group Tourism Fund

More than Yes Campaign Looks to Change the Conversation on Consent

More Than Yes Poster More Than Yes Poster More Than Yes Poster More Than Yes Poster

If it’s not loud and clear, it’s not consent. It’s sexual assault - That’s the new standard StudentsNS are setting with the help of Extreme Group, in a new campaign aimed at young adults.

Students Nova Scotia (StudentsNS) and its partner student unions launched an education campaign on Tuesday, February 11th to promote a greater understanding of consent among students.

“We hope this campaign will be informative about everyone’s responsibility to receive clear consent from their partner, without coercion, before engaging in sexual activity,” said StudentsNS Executive Director Jonathan Williams. “Seeking consent is not about avoiding a ‘no’, it’s about receiving an enthusiastic Yes.”

The campaign features posters, stickers for condom wrappers and a website: The website will be advertised on social media platforms around high-risk times (Friday nights, special school events) with a simple, powerful message: tentative responses such as “I guess” or even “…sure” are inadequate. Consent needs to be loud and clear.

“StudentsNS were very inspiring when they briefed us on what they were trying to achieve, so we focused on a strategy and creative execution that would really encourage our target to stop and think,” said Shawn King, President and Chief Creative Officer of Extreme Group. “We wanted to change the conversation in terms of what enthusiastic consent means.”

Learn more at

Strategy Magazine feature

Check out what our Toronto office’s managing director Mike Bevacqua had to say to Strategy magazine.

Strategy Magazine PDF
Strategy Magazine feature PDF

Roger Maurice LeBlanc

Roger Maurice LeBlanc and Paul LeBlanc

November 18, 1943 - August 3, 2013

We remember Roger Maurice LeBlanc. As father to our CEO and Founder, Paul LeBlanc, Roger is a big part of why our family at Extreme Group came to be.

He died peacefully, lovingly surrounded by his wife and children, on August 3rd, 2013 at the Dartmouth General Hospital after a brief but heroic battle with lung cancer.

Born in Moncton, NB, he was the son of the late Thomas and Dorothy LeBlanc. He is survived by his soul-mate of 48 years - Betty (Campbell), beloved children – Rob (Jennifer Fall), Pam (Ed) Thompson and Paul (April) and his grandchildren whom he adored - Nick, Joey, Maddy, Liza, Campbell, Rowan and Kayden and also by his little “Sis” - Stella (Emmett) Hagen and many nieces and nephews.

Roger worked at Mack Maritime and Caterpillar Atlantic before discovering his entrepreneurial spirit. He launched several successful businesses including Coastal Communications, Chem-Dry Halifax and most recently, Apple Courier.

Roger had many passions and enjoyed spending his summers at his cottage in PEI and his annual trips to Florida, but his true love and focus was always his family. No one loved their family more or made them a greater priority than Roger. He will be deeply missed by his family and friends.

While Paul has been an inspiration to us at Extreme Group, his inspiration was his father Roger. He taught Paul not only how to sell, but how to be honest, fair and work hard. We owe both Paul and his dad a debt of gratitude for the legacy they have created here at Extreme Group.

And we’ll continue to be inspired by the words Roger shared with Paul a few weeks before his passing.

“Paul, if it’s my time to go, I lived a GREAT life. I loved my kids with everything I have. I was always present in my grandkids lives. I loved my family and my friends. I loved your mom more than anything on the earth. If I leave, I leave with no regrets.”

See the video eulogy

Extreme Group
wins the Lottery

Atlantic Lottery

June 11, 2013 – Extreme Group is proud to announce their newest client, Atlantic Lottery.

After an extensive RFP process, Extreme Group was awarded the account back in March, which includes Atlantic Lottery’s Scratch, Draw, Sports, Destination and e-Gaming lines of business.

The win comes, in part, from a unique approach to servicing the business. Extreme is using a joint leadership team consisting of key members from both the Halifax and Toronto offices.

“It’s a great story for Extreme. We have a single shop mentality and our office culture is ubiquitous. This separates us from the other agencies in the market-place.” said Shawn King, President, Chief Creative Officer, Extreme Group.

Atlantic Lottery focused the pitch on understanding the region and its people as a key to success. King says, “The win gives us an incredible opportunity on a very dynamic piece of business vital to the region. It has been inspiring to see their track-record of innovation within the lottery category.”

The Atlantic Lottery has been a long-time leader in the category with innovations that go from bar code technology to being the first lottery that went online, to setting responsible gaming standards.

“As soon as we met the team at Atlantic Lottery we were excited by their drive to be innovative Global leaders in their category. We felt the chemistry and fit as partners early on. We couldn’t be happier about this new partnership and the opportunity to do great work in support of the Atlantic region.” said Mike Bevacqua, Partner, Managing Director, Extreme Group.

Both parties are thrilled with finding the right “chemistry”.

Scott McWilliam, Managing Director at the Atlantic Lottery says “We were looking for an agile and passionate partner to help us open up some really exciting new opportunities to help grow our business for Atlantic Canada. Every day we’re experiencing new changes, and far beyond just new media. So it was important that we partner with a team that can think about the business and not just advertising on a poster or in a TV spot. Extreme Group demonstrated a natural fit. They know the region really well and they bring lots of fresh strategic and creative fire-power.”

And the winner is...

Fourteen wonderful applicants submitted letters of interest for the inaugural Extreme Tourism Fund. While we would have loved to have taken on every project, we’ve selected Nova Scotia Webcams as the recipient of the 2013 Fund. We sincerely thank everyone for their interest and look forward to working with Ralf and his team.

For more information, please visit the Extreme Tourism Fund website.

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